About Us

About Fiat Ventures

Fiat Ventures  is Latin for “thy will be done.”  It is what Mary said when the Angel Gabriel told her she would be the mother of Christ.  A venture is defined as an undertaking with a risky or uncertain outcome.

Fiat Ventures has grown tremendously since being founded to serve churches, schools, youth groups and other organizations with professional audio, video and live event services.  Fiat Ventures has become a one-stop ministry resource which provides speakers, worship leaders, and live audio and video systems, and specializes in facilitating retreats for all age groups. In addition, Fiat Ventures can also provide music and video recording, ministry consultation and religious education services.

Fiat Ventures is comprised of a team of youth ministers, students, teachers, engineers, working musicians and other professionals who have a desire to share their faith with others.  Fiat Ventures’ leadership has more than 40 years of combined ministry experience, and has collectively had the opportunity to speak to thousands of young people throughout the world.  The combined experience of the FV team crosses all boundaries of Church ministry and enables us to work in many areas.  Our team continues to grow as we support events with confident, energetic, and inspiring young people and work to share the gift of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

P.O Box 4292, Warren, NJ, 07059