Youth Ministry

Does successful youth ministry seem out of reach? Not anymore.

 Fiat Ventures can implement sustainable and relational youth ministry at your parish.


More than a name....


Becoming Our Lord's Disciples

BOLD is more than just a brand- it is a specific philosophy and structure of youth ministry.

Mission Statement:

BOLD exists to expose teens to God's love, promote a life of service to Christ, and provide a place for teens to enjoy each other's company.

Primary Goal:

To aid young people in building a personal relationship with Christ through Catholic formation, support, prayer, and the Sacraments.


Youth Ministry

BOLD is a youth ministry program, not a “youth group”

■ YM is not an exclusive group, but rather is a parish ministry to all youth.
■ YM has a balance of spiritual, service, and social events.
■ YM is integrated into the entire life of the parish community.
■ YM is welcoming, outreaching, and relationship forming.
■ YM builds its own identity and momentum.
■ YM has leadership teams and gives ownership to its members.
■ YM includes retreats, service opportunities, recreation, bible studies, youth ministry nights, and more.

Who Is In The Youth Ministry?

Every teen in the parish is in Youth Ministry.  Our goal is to engage each and every teen in the parish in some way over the course of their years through middle school and high school


Successful Youth Ministry:

■ BOLD is a dynamic, growing, and constantly improving model for youth ministry.
■ BOLD’s structure has been refined over the last 15 years and is unique in the way it engages its participants and volunteers.
■ Along with the expertise of Fiat Ventures, BOLD includes proven and time tested programs and events. 
■ BOLD’s reach is profound:
• Impacting thousands of young people’s faith formation
• Supporting families in raising teens in contemporary culture
• Building community life within parishes
• Forming lasting edifying relationships
• Providing life changing service opportunities, retreats, and other events.

Bigger Than One Parish:

 ■ The ability to interact with youth from other parishes who have a similar youth ministry program is both efficient and encourages youth to feel a part of the greater Church.
■ Collaborative events allow new and smaller youth ministry programs to be able to provide and participate in events not normally viable for them.


 ■ Fiat Ventures is able to implement an extensive youth ministry program at the highest level of efficiency because of our expertise, resources and team.
■ By joining the program, parishes can achieve the maximum results from their youth ministry investment.
■ A broader organization is accountable to the parish as opposed to an individual who may need to be hired, trained, receive benefits and one day be replaced. This adds longevity and sustainability.
■ Youth ministries are associated, sharing ideas, talents, and support.

How Does It Work?

Services Provided:

Fiat Ventures will provide a youth minister along with support, resources, and expertise to establish and execute BOLD Youth Ministry™ at the parish. 

Youth Minister: Fiat Ventures will provide a youth minister who will function as the parish leader of the program.  He will work regularly in the parish office, be present to the parish staff and community, and be present at BOLD events in the parish.  In a BOLD Member Parish, the youth minister is an employee of Fiat Ventures adding a double layer of accountability.
Fiat Ventures Leadership:  Fiat Ventures’ leadership will work along side of, oversee and direct the efforts of the youth minister.  They will be available and accountable to the pastoral staff of the parish, and will meet with the pastor several times throughout the year should he elect to do so. 

BOLD Member Parish:

■ Ideal for parishes looking to start youth ministry from scratch or make a substantial change in their program.
■ Fiat Ventures provides the youth minister and personnel to plan and implement an extensive high school and/or middle school youth ministry program.
■ Program can range from regular youth ministry meetings and events to full time youth ministry, integrated into religious education and parish life.
■ Cost: typically $20,000- $60,000/year.

BOLD Affiliate Parish:

■ Ideal for parishes that already have a youth ministry and want to revamp, reinvigorate, or improve the program.
■ Parish’s youth minister is incorporated into BOLD’s network of youth ministers, providing formation, encouragement, support, resources and efficiency.
■ Parish’s youth ministry program incorporated into the larger BOLD framework giving the benefits of BOLD Membership including access to BOLD events such as retreats and leadership training.
■ Cost: typically $5,000-$10,000/year.

BOLD Event Parish:

■ Ideal for parishes that are not in a place to provide more substantial youth ministry, are looking to begin youth ministry in a limited way, or are moving towards becoming a BOLD Affiliate or BOLD Member parish.
■ Fiat Ventures is hired on an event-by-event basis to deliver a limited calendar of some of the successful youth ministry events incorporated into the BOLD program. 
■ Cost: varies by event 

Getting Started

Step 1:  Exploratory period
Step 2: Agreement formation
Step 3: Introduction to parish
Step 4: Structural implementation
Step 5:  Volunteer Recruitment
Step 6: Kick-off events
Step 7:  Program implementation

Contact Fiat Ventures for more information about BOLD Youth Ministry™ or another program.
P.O Box 4292, Warren, NJ, 07059